Mysterious wine cellar

A unique escape game which takes place in a wine cellar. A place where you can experience how it feels to be a wine taster, while being drawn into the mist of mystery.

Drink your way out of wine grower Karlík’s cellar, Who’s obsessed with wine and numerology. You’ll only have an hour and eleven minutes to get to the sun-filled surface.

Just two candles will be giving you the hope, to get out of the dark.

Three coins will help you to lighten the heart of the mysterious wine grower.

Four samples of wine, which You’ll have to figure out, so you can move forward. Five locks like from a magical pentagram, which You’ll unlock.

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Winetasting is what we enjoy the most.

As well as that we enjoy  rumtasting and cigartasting.

We would like to welcome you on  wine, cigar or rum courses.

Did you know, that you can also gift our escape game?

Did you know, that you can also gift our escape game?

If you wish to do so. All you have to do is to inform us for who and from whom the voucher is.

Bachelor party

Do you want to have an interesting program with your loved ones? Take our wine-tasting game with wine tasting.

Buy an interesting party in Prague right here

  It is possible to arrange wine or rum tasting in our cellar after the event.

Buy a farewell party in Prague with the following tasting and refreshments

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